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We have been supplying the construction industry with pumping, mixing and spraying equipment to hire for over 30 years from our depot in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. With a focus on customer satisfaction we hire our some of the most up to date machinery available to the UK market. Some of our hire equipment includes… Small Compressor Hire, Forced Action Mixer Hire, Render and Grout Pump Hire, Plastering Machine and Spray Kit Hire, Transformer and Generator Hire, Plastering Rendering and Concreting Power Tool Hire. If you would like any further information on our hire equipment please click here. Or call 01494 715472.

We now also sell a wide range of tools, consumables, spare parts and personal protective equipment (PPE) from our online tool shop. We now offer a range of delivery options to suit you from next day delivery to free delivery. In our online tool shop you will find a range of Rendering tools, Plastering tools, Brick Layers tools, Electricians tools, General Builders tools and Tilers tools. Don't forget to check out our clearance section, you might just bag yourself a bargain! To visit our online tool shop click here or to order over the phone call 01494 715472.  

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With over 33 years of experience in the hire industry, you can be assured that we can provide the best solution for your plastering or render machine needs. Our hire fleet consists of diesel, three phase or 110v electric equipment to meet your needs, available from stock to give you a fast response to locations across in the UK. 

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Professional tools chosen by you; CES now stock a wide range of hand and power tools. From consumables, spare parts and personal protective equipment (PPE) available for next day delivery anywhere in the UK. So, whether you are a Plasterer, Renderer, Brick Layer, Builder, Electrician or Tiler we have the right tools for you. 

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CES Hire Toolbox Talk: Counter Terrorism

Keep Calm and Carry On Navy BlueKeep calm and carry on

This may seem like a flippant comment, given that we see this this phrase littered over greetings cards, posters and fridge magnets. Ultimately this phrase encapsulates British spirit and the spirit that we must demonstrate in the face of terrorism. As terrorism seeks to interrupt the flow of everyday life and uproot our British values, it is so important that we remain unflinching in our principles, ultimately keeping calm and carrying on. This week’s Toolbox Talk came about after the updated FORS (Fleet Operation Recognition Scheme) accreditation stated that businesses must have a Counter-Terrorism policy, risk assessment and method statement. Given this subjects prevalence as a news topic, you would think it would be easy to find support or examples of other counter-terrorism policies to help small businesses. However other than crazily long government policies (I mean, I’m not sure I have time to read a wordy 100-page document!), there are no examples of policies or recommendations for businesses. So, here I am writing this week’s blog that I hope you’ll find useful, if you yourself are in that similar position grappling for the right information with a somewhat delicate subject though a delicate subject we should be talking about to openly to show that keep calm and carry on attitude.




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CES Hire: Toolbox Talks Tuesday: CDM regulations

Team Work Makes the Dream work

teamwork makes the dream workHow many times have you screamed at the TV when watching football (other sports are available) ‘just pass the ball’ or ‘he’s open, what are you doing you ***!’? Seemingly these overpaid footballers are more content to show off their so-called solo fancy footwork than actually work as a team. Team work is key in so many situations from the seemless (just about) prepping, cooking, serving up, clearing away of the ten course-5 hour Christmas dinner to orchestrating a family weekend jam-packed with the three kids parties, a family bbq at the in-laws, little Jimmy’s football tournament and don’t forget to walk the dog. In these situations, everyone has a role to play to ensure everything goes to plan or just about anyway (Little Jimmy getting stung by a wasp at the in-laws bbq and Grandad dropping the brussel sprouts at Christmas can’t be helped can it!!) This week’s Toolbox Talk summarises the CDM regulations which have a huge emphasis on team work to ensure a project runs smoothly and safely.




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CES Hire: Toolbox Talk Tuesday: Legal Duties

Happy birthday beerHave you broken the law?

We all think ourselves as law abiding citizens don’t we? But did you know the average Brit commits 32 offences per year and the majority of the time we have no idea that we’re breaking the law. Among the bizarre laws that may have turned into a minor criminal include singing Happy Birthday in a restaurant. You never see the famous birthday song being sung in films or on the TV and that’s because the rights to the song were purchased by Warner/Chappell for £16million in the 80s so performing this song in public could incur a huge copyright fee! So next time the family whip out the cake in the restaurant, much to your embarrassment, remind them they’re actually breaking the law. Now we’re entitled to our lazy Sundays since law states that hoovering on a Sunday, after 1pm on a Saturday and after 8pm on a weekday would be classed as a nuisance neighbour and you could be classed as breaking the law so next time the other half asks you to whizz the Dyson round at the weekend, remind them you’re actually breaking the law. And how about this law: according to a 1872 law, it is illegal for a landlord/lady to allow drunkenness in their pub…hmmm, I’m not sure I can say I’m totally law-abiding on that one. So along with beeping the horn at that car that cut you up, playing knock down ginger as a child and using some one else’s WiFi without them knowing, we’re not quite the squeaky-clean citizen we thought! This week’s Toolbox Talk is all about your legal duties as an employer and employee so at least we can make sure we’re a little more angelic at work when it comes to the law.




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