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What are the advantages of a Forced Action Mixer?

Forced Action Mixer

What are the advantages of a Forced Action Mixer? Versatile A Forced Action paddle mixer has many advantages from the traditional cement/concrete mixer. Firstly, it is incredibly versatile in its ability to mix a wide range of materials. The pan mixer is compatible with sand and cement, plaster, render, lime mortar, masonry mortar, some adhesives, […]

What is a Forced Action Mixer?

Baron E120

Lumpy mixture and constant clock watching? No, I’m not talking about an episode of The Great British Bake Off, this is more mixing of the construction variety. Across many parts of the world the cement or drum mixer is the mixer of choice, mainly as they have never been aware of an alternative. However, more and more, builders are looking for more powerful and versatile machine that can multi-task; this is where the forced action mixer steps in.

Deltec…the Decorators Dream

Deltec tapes blog

CES are delighted to launch our Deltec tape range; seriously the Bentley/Rolls Royce (choose your premium car of choice) when it comes to tapes. Deltec have 20 years of tape experience behind them, giving them the expertise to develop a world class product. This premium tape delivers perfect results. It creates the straightest, cleanest lines with no bleed; the painter and decorators dream. As tedious as it is, preparation and clean up is vital to enable perfect paint results. Expert masking really transforms a job. As a leading manufacturer of tapes, Deltec products create a quality finish and saving you time.

CES Hire & Covid-19

CES Hire Premises

This past weekend has been a key moment in many businesses reopening their doors. However, CES Hire have remained open throughout the lockdown. Of course they are a key part of the essential construction industry. As a small local business which has been established 37 years, the Covid-19 pandemic would surely have a massive impact on this plastering and rendering equipment hire company?

Speedy Spraying with the HVLP Paint Sprayer

HVLP Hotcakes

Ever gone through the pain-staking task of painting all the balustrades and handrail of your staircase? Double the ‘pain-staking’ factor when you live in a town house, like me! Yes, that’s right my other half and I painted all 90 staircase spindles by hand! 90! We must be mad! I have to add, this was pre-children so we had time for these mad DIY projects. Now it would not be so easy. We’d end up with a paint-splattered toddler looking like some contemporary Damien Hirst masterpiece and two frazzled parents. So, what would I do differently? I’d most certainly turn to the QTech HVLP Paint Sprayer. With less time and more mucky toddler finger prints to cover, the HVLP is definitely the answer. It had me hooked at ‘spraying a door in two minutes!’

Tip & Tricks for Reducing Anxiety during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Control What you Can

‘We’re standing far apart now so we can embrace each other later’ Something to keep in the back of your mind while we tackle this pandemic together. Whether you’re working from home, self-isolating or continuing to work in an eerily quiet workplace, the Coronavirus has had an impact on us all. At CES we have […]

CES Hire Toolbox Talk: Engagement in the Workplace

Work engagement 1

‘We’re engaged!’; two words accompanied by a groan and eye roll whilst your wife lets out a shriek and the ‘girls’ WhatsApp chat goes wild with excitement and ridiculous giggles that you haven’t heard since your school days! And I’ll stop there; thankfully this is not a blog about putting-a-ring-on-it! Why are more of us not exclaiming ‘we’re engaged’ when it comes to our work lives.