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Control What you Can

Tip & Tricks for Reducing Anxiety during the Coronavirus Pandemic

‘We’re standing far apart now so we can embrace each other later’ Something to keep in the back of your mind while we tackle this pandemic together. Whether you’re working from home, self-isolating or continuing to work in an eerily quiet workplace, the Coronavirus has had an impact on us all. At CES we have […]

Work engagement 1

CES Hire Toolbox Talk: Engagement in the Workplace

‘We’re engaged!’; two words accompanied by a groan and eye roll whilst your wife lets out a shriek and the ‘girls’ WhatsApp chat goes wild with excitement and ridiculous giggles that you haven’t heard since your school days! And I’ll stop there; thankfully this is not a blog about putting-a-ring-on-it! Why are more of us not exclaiming ‘we’re engaged’ when it comes to our work lives.

winter not my season

Toolbox Talk: Working in Cold Weather

Baby it’s cold outside We moan when it’s too hot and we moan when it’s to cold. Part of being British right?! We love a good weather discussion. Whether it be extreme heat or bitter cold, there are health and safety implications to consider. When the weather is colder, we have to use more energy […]

not fair

CES Hire: Toolbox Talk: Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR)

But it’s not fair!  “It’s not fair!” How many times have we heard our children or grandchildren utter those words? It’s not fair that they have to go to bed, it’s not fair that they can’t watch Peppa Pig, it’s not fair that they have to have a bath…ah the hardships of being a child […]

homer simpson

CES Hire Toolbox Talk: Personal Competence

Are you deluded? The word competence is littered throughout legislation and health and safety documentation as it is such an important component in terms of keeping everyone safe at work. However the word incompetent perhaps is more reflective of work society today. How many of us know of a character similar to our yellow friend […]

swearing 5

CES Hire Toolbox Talk: Acceptable language

WTF: Watch The Foul-mouth Yes, I’m talking to you, Ramsay! The Great Gordon Ramsay is certainly an excellent example to highlight this week’s Toolbox Talk on acceptable language at work. He uses the ‘F-word’ like punctuation, peppering (if you pardon the cooking-related pun) every sentence with choice expletives.

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