CES Hire Toolbox Talk Tuesday: A Wheely Good Bit of ‘Elf and Safety

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CES Hire Toolbox Talk Tuesday: A Wheely Good Bit of ‘Elf and Safety

With wheels rotating at between 6000-15000 rpm, accidents are common particularly to the head/face and upper limbs. Using the wrong type of wheel, an ill-fitted wheel or a shattered/broken wheel can cause permanently disabling or even fatal injuries. Untrained operators often mean workers overspeed, store wheels badly or use excessively without maintaining the machines, all of which can lead to accidents. As well as the direct operator, workers need to be aware of their colleagues due to flying chips, particles, sparks and splinters. How can we prevent such accidents happening in our overcrowded festive workshop of busy elves?!

There’s is one place that at this time of year that is working overtime. Somewhere the power tools are being used to the max, sparks are flying, wood dust is billowing and good ‘Elf and safety standards are most definitely needed. I am of course talking about Santa’s workshop! It would definitely be in Santa and the elves interests to pay attention to this week’s Toolbox Talk Tuesday all about abrasive wheels.

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Just like our North Pole Workshop, take a look at Santa’s Safety tips to prevent any  accidents in your workshop this Christmas. When using grinding wheels always ensure that you do not exceed the permissible speed of the wheel, don’t exert heavy pressure on the wheel and never use the side of the wheel unless designed to do so. Always use guards, adjusting the guard to expose the minimum wheel surface necessary for the operation  and modify any tool rests as close as possible to the face of the wheel, keeping the glass screen in the safety position whilst also keeping fingers below the tool rest level. Other safety tips to be aware of include; use wet-cutting or on tool extraction to suppress/collect dust, only use reinforced discs on hand-held machines, keep the face of the wheel evenly dressed and after fitting run a replacement wheel for a full minute before using it, standing clear during the test.

Father ChristmasNow this is where Santa could have a bit of difficulty since, as ever, PPE is an important part of using abrasive wheels and with that beard and glasses of course we need to make modifications! High impact eye-protection  must be worn since machines can rotate to speeds in excess of 170mph and ear protection should also be used. Depending on what is being cut, respiratory PPE could be needed. Of course Mr Claus would need to be particularly careful with that trademark beard since loose hair and clothing is a hazard and could become entangled in a rotating wheel. CES Hire have a great range of PPE available on our website and in store, Mr Christmas may pay to invest in one of our Ox face shields {product 2774|name|description|picture|link|pricedis3}

So this Christmas, make sure you’re following our tips to ensure your workshop is running as smoothly and safely as Santa’s!