Toolbox Talk Tuesday: The pressure of cleaning

Washing down plant and equipment

Man cleaning

The pressure of cleaning is twofold, the pressure you get from the other half to pick up your stuff/to tidy up after yourself/to help out with the cleaning once in a while and secondly the pressure we’ll come on to with regards to today’s Toolbox Talk. Cleaning the house has never been an undertaking that interests the male population of the world. Donning the yellow marigolds, prancing around with a feather duster or head down the loo with a scourer is not something any man I know will willingly do and to be honest not a joy for many women either! Now we move on to the kind of pressure we like; put a pressure washer in the hand of a man and cleaning becomes a pleasure; I mean it’s a gadget that does the hard work for you, a dream for a guy and at the end of it you have a shiny car, sparkling patio or gleaming BBQ grill (ready to do the really manly job of head chef at the BBQ on your shiny pressure-washed patio!) This week’s Toolbox Talk is all about washing down equipment whether it be on site or in your own workshop.




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CES Hire Toolbox Talk Tuesday: Gloves: Necessity or fashion statement?

Problems and Protection when working with Cement, Concrete and Plaster

David Seaman failFor me, this past weekend with the plunging temperatures, snow and ice, I have absolutely needed to don the thickest and woolliest of gloves and even then, I’ve felt cold. Goalkeepers slip on the gloves for practical reasons too, in the hope they can obstruct that ball, though not always with great success; who can forget some England howlers over the years, sorry David! Then there are those gloves that are style over substance, Mickey Mouse for example; for starters white gloves will never be the most practical of colours (certainly not in our workshop anyway!) and those somewhat oversized hands are probably a nightmare to buy gloves for, bless him! How about the legendary MJ gloves, don’t we wish we had some of those sparkly gloves in our workshop…very jazzy! Moving on to more important things; this week we’re focusing particularly on gloves as part of our Toolbox Talk on cement, concrete and plaster.




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CES Hire Change of Opening Hours


opening hours changing post 1CES Hire Change of Opening Hours

From Monday 4th February 2019 CES's opening hours will be changing to 7.30am-4.30pm. We hope this early start will benefit lots of our customers who wish to make the most of the early part of the day. As we have got used to our new home at Cressex Business Park we have come to recognise the patterns of traffic and heavy congestion will often build up on the Industrial Estate in the later part of the day which of course we do not wish any of our customers to be caught in; the earlier closing time should ensure that no-one is caught out! Our Saturday opening hours remain the same 8.00am-12.00pm. We will of course review the opening times to ensure it is working for our customers who remain at the heart of what we do at CES Hire. 

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