Bank Holiday Weekend Closure

CES Hire Ltd will be closed this Bank Holiday Weekend Saturday 25th to Monday 27th May 2019.

Normal business hours (7.30am - 4.30pm) will resume on Tuesday 28th May 2019. 

ToolBox Talk Tuesday: Mental Health Awareness

Tackling mental health: It’s good to talk!

work out your brainLong supply chains, withheld payments, slim profit lines, pressure from customers, job insecurity and that’s just the stresses of work. Don’t forget there’s also the pressures from home, nags from your partner to fix the taps, oh and the don’t forget the living room needs painting, and then there’s the kids arguing and pestering you for that trip to DisneyLand. All these extra stresses and strains can have a real impact on your mental health. We tend to look after and be far more aware of our physical health; we might head to the gym, pop out for a walk, swap that triple decker sandwich and chocolate for a salad every so often and take a few vitamins all in the name of keeping our physical self in tiptop condition but what do we do for our mental health? How do we look after our brain, one of the most vital organs in our body? It is important to act now and take care of our mental health so that we don’t become part of these recent shocking statistics:

                  350,000 of the 2.1million UK construction population are struggling with stress, depression and anxiety
2 construction workers taking their own lives every single day
The suicide rate among male labourers is 3.7 times higher than the national average




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CES Hire Toolbox Talk Tuesday: Sun Protection

David DickinsonFake it till you make it
Okay, so fake tan on guys may leave you picturing this. But if you want a glow resembling that of two weeks in the Caribbean, there’s onlymatthew mcConaughey one way to do it and that’s to fake it! A tan may look healthy and leave you feeling smug with those post-holiday comments of ‘looking good mate; how was the holiday?’ In actual fact a tan is a sign of the skin producing a dark pigment called melanin which can lead to skin cancer; so not a healthy look at all! Working in construction and spending an increased amount of time outside, raises the risk of being exposed to those UV (ultraviolet) rays which can lead to skin cancer. HSE research deems construction workers as a significant ‘at risk’ group and with skin cancer cases doubling in the last 20 years and 800 construction workers diagnosed with it per year, it’s time to dive into your other half’s beauty stash and pinch a bit of that bronzed goddess tanning spray! We’ll be going less for the David Dickinson/Peter Andre look and more for the Matthew McConaughey vibes (can I spray on the muscles too?!)




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