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Christmas Charity from CES Hire

Giving, without all the ‘stuff’

Thomas ball charity smallIn a world of ‘stuff’ bursting out of every cupboard and drawer, what can we give this Christmas? You’ll know from our last blog that we are endeavouring to have a more sustainable Christmas and we certainly didn’t want to be the bearers of more plastic, more gifts to squirrel away in the back of the wardrobe, more indulgence and just more ‘stuff’. However, in the spirit of Christmas we do want to make a point to thank our incredibly loyal customers both new and old and celebrate, what we hope through our machines, advice, help and support, has been a great year for you. We have decided to do something a little different in the area of gifting this year. We are donating £1500 to The Thomas Ball Children’s Cancer Charity on behalf of all of our brilliant customers. So instead of popping open yet another bottle of fizz and indulging in ‘just one more’ quality street/celebration/roses (whichever is the favourite), we hope you will agree that knowing you’ve helped to bring back a smile to a child and family who are going through a tough time is far more rewarding.

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CES’s guide to a more Sustainable Season

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

christmas household waste graphicEvery year the press gives us those all-important odds of a white Christmas but this year at CES we’re hoping for a Green Christmas. I’m sure by know you all know about our eco-drive this year and our efforts were celebrated with our place as a finalist in the Low Carbon Workspace Category at the Buckinghamshire Business First Awards. We want to keep up the momentum and move forward into the new decade with sustainability as part of our ethos but first (to change up another Christmas classic) ‘it’s the most indulgent time of the year!’ Yes, it’s Christmas which is of course an abundance of food and indulgence. With tempting offers; pre-Christmas deals, festive discounts and black Friday deductions we are urged to spend, spend, spend and it becomes a competition of consumerism. With an average family spend of £800, enough wrapping paper to cover the world 9 times over (disregarding 277,000 miles of it into landfill-now that would get you 90% to the moon!) and 230,000 tonnes of food thrown away, it becomes an incredibly wasteful time of the year.





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Toolbox Talk: Working in Cold Weather

Baby it’s cold outside

winter not my seasonWe moan when it’s too hot and we moan when it’s to cold. Part of being British right?! We love a good weather discussion. Whether it be extreme heat or bitter cold, there are health and safety implications to consider. When the weather is colder, we have to use more energy to stay warm and this is further amplified when it is windy, raining or snowing; your body loses heat even faster now. At an air temperature of 10°C, if the windspeed is 20mph, the effective temperature is 0°C. There is no specific temperature stated by law when it comes to construction work however much of the law refers to temperatures as ‘comfortable’ which tends to be 16°C or 13°C if much of your work is physical.



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