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When it comes to bricklaying projects, having the right-hand tools is essential for success. From mortar mixing to bricklaying, CES offers a wide range of quality bricklayers’ tools suitable for both commercial and residential endeavours.

Bricklayers tools are crucial for any commercial or residential bricklaying project. Bricklaying has multiple aspects from mixing the mortar and site preparation to course laying for both brick and block-work so it crucial to have the tool that’s right for you. We have a great selection of tools available at CES Hire both online and in our on-site shop from reputable brands such as Ox and Marshalltown. All our tools are designed to be comfortable to handle as well as strong enough to enable you to tackle any masonry job. Take a look below at our range of trowels, shovels, scutch tools, gauges, plumb lines, levels, bolsters, buckets that will have you building or repairing any structure in no time whether brick, stone or concrete blocks.
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Showing 1–12 of 26 results

Showing 1–12 of 26 results

Our selection includes reputable brands like Ox and Marshalltown, known for durability and performance. Whether you need trowels, shovels, gauges, or plumb lines, we have you covered. With our comfortable and reliable tools, you can efficiently handle any masonry task with ease. Get everything you need to efficiently build or repair brick, stone, or concrete structures from CES, your trusted source for top-notch bricklaying equipment.

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