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Introducing CES’s comprehensive selection of cutting tools for construction needs. Whether browsing online or exploring our on-site shop, customers can find a diverse range of essential cutting instruments. From jab saws to hack saws, tension saws to drywall saws, we have a tool for every task. Our inventory also includes tin snips, aviation snips, retractable knives, snap-off knives, and an array of blades.

CES stock a range of cutting tools both online and in our on-site shop. We have a variety saws from Jab saws and tension saws to hack saws and drywall saws.  We also stock an assortment of tin snips, aviation snips, retractable knives and snap-off knives and blades.  All tools are designed with comfort and grip in mind and have strong blades to enable cutting a variety of materials.
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Showing all 10 results

Each tool is carefully crafted with both comfort and functionality in mind. The strong blades ensure efficient cutting across various materials, providing durability and precision. At CES, we are committed to offering top-quality tools suitable for professionals across different trades. Whether you are a plasterer, bricklayer, or carpenter, we have the right equipment to meet your specific needs.

With a focus on ergonomic designs and reliable performance, our cutting tools are designed to enhance your working experience. Count on CES to provide you with the tools necessary to tackle any project effectively. Upgrade your tool kit today with our high-quality cutting tools, tailored to elevate your construction processes.

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