Electrical & Plumbing Tools

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At CES we recognise the fiddly nature of electricians and plumbers jobs. Consequently we have selected a great range of top quality electrical and plumbing tools to assist you. Within our range you will find wrenches, pliers, pincers and nippers. We have chosen excellent brands such as Ox which we know will stand the test of time. Furthermore, in this trade, comfort is paramount therefore our tools must have optimum handle grip and be easy to use for long periods. Electrical and plumbing tools often need to fit into awkward tight spaces. To address this all our tools are shaped accordingly enabling gripping, bending and cutting in these tight spots. Strength is key with such tools and these hand tools certainly demonstrate this. That is to say our tools will easily cut through a range of materials such as wire, springs, nails, rivets and bolts. Take a look at our range below.