Grout Pumps

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CES Hire have stocked a range of Grout Pumps from our depot in Buckinghamshire since 1983. We supply Grout Pumps to both major construction companies as well as sole traders. These pumps are versatile machines lending themselves to many applications. These machines will tackle wall stabilising, tunnel lining, water proofing, void filling and ground consolidation.

We are always on hand to help you make the correct choice of grout pump for your job. It is imperative to use the correct equipment in order to fill all gaps and penetrate into all vacant spaces. This enables the finished product to have to required strength, durability and waterproofing qualities. Different application will have unique flow rates, setting times and pumping distances. Please call for advice and assistance on your pump selection. With a range of manual, electric and diesel machines, many with mixers integrated, we are sure to have the best choice of Grout Pump for you.