Screed Pumps

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CES Hire sell a range of screed pumps. We constantly upgrade our machines ensuring we comply with the latest site health and safety measures. Put simply screed pumps create a level sub floor which is then used for another finish. These finishes include tiles, floor boards, carpets and vinyl.
Our Screed Pump machines have many benefits. Firstly ensuring your screed mix is an evenly blended mix. This means creating a consistent mix with uniformly distributed cement and additives through the sand. The forced action mixing techniques adopted by the machines make sure mixes are of a high quality and homogeneity. Secondly screed pumps are much quicker and easier than hand mixing. Unfortunately hand mixing often leads to a poorer quality of mix and ‘balling’ of cement. This causes weak screeds that can crumble easily.

These pumps are ideal for screeding large areas and higher impact resistance. A screed pump is also great when access is difficult. It is imperative that your screed is mixed correctly and delivered through the right kind of machine. Please contact us for further advice and assistance on our screed pump range.