QTech 2 Litre HVLP Remote Pressure Pot Assembly

£265.00 Excl. VAT£250.00 Excl. VAT

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QTech 2 Litre HVLP Remote Pressure Pot Assembly £265.00 Incl. VAT £265.00 Excl. VAT£250.00 Incl. VAT£250.00 Excl. VAT
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QTech 2 Litre HVLP Remote Pressure Pot Assembly
£265.00 Incl. VAT £265.00 Excl. VAT£250.00 Incl. VAT£250.00 Excl. VAT
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The QTech 2 Litre HVLP Remote Pressure Pot Assembly is a versatile pressure feed cup for use with the QTech 5 HVLP Suction  or similar HVLP spray machines. It can be used with a wide range of finishing materials. Due to the 2.0 bar (30psi) pressure rating even higher viscosity coatings can be applied easily.

Freedom of Mobility

This fantastic gadget doesn’t have the weight and space restriction of a suction/gravity cup attached to the gun. Consequently painters and decorators have freedom of mobility and the ability to reach the tightest of corners and awkward spots. The cup operates from a single air supply line coupled to the inlet at the base of the handle. This QTech 2 Litre HVLP Remote Pressure Pot Assembly is comfortable to use. Firstly it has a unique ‘gun grip’ carrying handle. Secondly the large removable hook allows the operator to hang the cup from a waist-belt. This means the painter is able to use both hands to control and adjust the gun. The controls are exceptionally easy to use and conveniently positioned whether left or right handed.

Easy to Use

This Remote Pressure Pot has many benefits on top of the great manoeuvrability. First of all the ‘quick spin’ easy open lid saves time when setting up/cleaning  out/refilling. Also the wide cup mouth and smooth interior make cleaning out or changing colour a swift process. The generous 2 litre capacity of the pot mean that refills are minimised so you can keep spraying for longer.  

Safe and Clean

For the operator’s safety there is a automatic shut-off valve which means the pressure can never be exceeded. The positive sealing mechanism also means that if the cup is inverted there is no leakage risk as well as no solvent evaporation. Finally the adjustable and self-relieving regulator are protected by the solvent resistant check valve which prevents paint clogging.

More about the HVLP

The HVLP (High volume-low pressure) is renowned for the flawless finish and even coverage it produces. Designed with a constant air flow, this machine gives consistent paint atomisation. This means that it emits more paint, giving an amazing transfer rate of around 90-95%. Consequently the paint is going exactly where you want it rather than over-spraying. Plus there’s a bonus of less paint wastage saving you money.

One of the real benefits of the HVLP is the time it saves. In fact it can save a massive 60% of time compared to traditional brush and roller methods. The QTech machines are perfect for a whole range of jobs. They can tackle spraying trims, furniture, kitchen cabinetry, stair rails, balustrades, cornices and all those awkward corners. It really is a machine that makes painting intricate details simple. Constructed with an easy to use gun that allows pin-prick precision, the HVLP can adjust from an 8-inch fan to spray up a door to the width of five pence piece for elaborate cornices or balustrades. The QTech HVLP is easy to set up, use and clean out. Additionally, it is lightweight and compact making it simple to move from job to job.

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