What is a Forced Action Mixer?

Baron E120

Lumpy mixture and constant clock watching? No, I’m not talking about an episode of The Great British Bake Off, this is more mixing of the construction variety. Across many parts of the world the cement or drum mixer is the mixer of choice, mainly as they have never been aware of an alternative. However, more and more, builders are looking for more powerful and versatile machine that can multi-task; this is where the forced action mixer steps in.

What is a Forced Action Mixer?

Forced Action MIxerA Forced Action Mixer, also known as a resin mixer, pan mixer, upright mixer, agitator mixer or forced action pan mixer is an ideal machine for demanding mixing jobs. It is an excellent alternative and upgrade from an old-fashioned cement mixer or a tub or paddle mixer. This mixer is an upright machine with a static drum. Instead of relying on gravity as a cement mixer does, it is fitted with internal paddles which rotate and really cut through the material to ensure a thorough mix.

It has superb mixing capabilities. The force action mixer will blend epoxy, glue with rubber granulate or stones for driveways or pavements. At CES we find mixing resin bound aggregate is an extremely popular use of the machine. Resin bound driveways are very much in-vogue currently and the forced action mixer ensures the stone/gravel is entirely coated in resin. Working with superior machines means resin bound surfaces are incredibly durable. Take a look at one of our Baron mixers working with resin bound surfacing here.

There are huge advantages of working with Forced Action Pan mixer. Firstly these machines are versatile and powerful working with a wide range of materials. Secondly they are efficient, reliable and portable so a great piece of kit to invest in. For more information about these benefits check out our blog.

What pan mixers do CES stock?

At CES, we stock a range of Baron mixers. We have a variety of capacities available so there is something to suit every job. Did you know we also hire our Baron mixers? Take a look at our hire options here.