Deltec Tapes

Deltec TapesDeltec Tapes is one of the leading manufacturers of tapes and decorating sundries. They produce world class masking tapes created from over 20 years of expertise and development within the industry.

Painters and decorators know, recognise and trust the Deltec Brand. Tape is as key as the paint that is used when it comes to painting and decorating. Since prep work is so vital, Deltec Tapes have produced a range of products that can transform a job from mediocre to absolute perfection. Firstly the tapes create the straightest and sharpest lines with no bleed. Secondly since they are made from special rice paper (washi) they can be resistant to temperatures of up to 100 degrees. Finally these tapes can often be continually applied for up to 4 months remaining UV resistant in this time. These tapes help painters work faster and achieve even better results.

CES stock a range of tapes. From Sensitive which copes with wallpaper and fresh paint to Extreme which will work on slightly rough and moist surfaces.

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