Concrete Pump Hose Primer (285g)

£5.07 Excl. VAT

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Concrete Pump Hose Primer (285g) £5.07 Incl. VAT£5.07 Excl. VAT
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Concrete Pump Hose Primer (285g)
£5.07 Incl. VAT£5.07 Excl. VAT
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Pump Primer (Concrete Pump Hose Primer)

Pump Primer (Concrete Pump Hose Primer) is used to prime concrete pumps and pipes for pressure reduction and capacity improvement. Supplied as an efficient replacement of traditional cement slurry. It is a unique compound of high-performance components. Offering big cost reductions by saving time and protecting concrete pumps and pipes. Pump primer eases pressure in the pump and pipes. It also optimizes pump capacity when using “sticky” concrete mixes.

Supplied in 285g bottles. The full box quantity is 30 bottles. 

Ideal for use RoLine, Line Pumps, Mobile Concrete Pumps and Static Concrete Pumps. Additionally, it can be used with flow screed pumps, grout pumps and rendering machines. 

Technical Data: 

Additive: Polymer
Bulk density (20 °C): 0,60 ± 0,02 g/cm3
Cl-content: :5 0,10 M.-%
Colour and form: White powder
Recommended range of dosage: 50 PUMP PRIMER 8500 / 15 – 20 dm3 water
Bottle size: 285g 

How to use: 

PUMP PRIMER is required to be added to cold water and mixed properly for at least 1 minute. Leave the mix without mixing for at least 5 minutes, the remix again for 1 minute to achieve an oily and sticky solution.

The cleanest, quickest and easiest way to prime a concrete or grout pump.

Increases pump capacity – Reduces pressure in concrete pumps and pipes

  • Clean and easy preparation of the primer.
  • In 5 minutes, the equivalent primer is ready. As opposed to lugging sacks of sand and cement.
  • Superior concrete pump capacity.
  • Minimizes wear and abrasion of concrete delivery pipes.
  • Outstanding time saving produces enhanced transport efficiency.
  • The risk of “stop” and “block” is reduced to virtually nil. 

Formally called Leyco Slick. 

Download Safety Data Sheet Here: Pump Primer Material Safety Data Sheet

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